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~ 25.08.2021 ~

No mather if you are a podcaster, photographer, dancer, content creator or a marketing expert you need tools that help you grow your audience. And of course such tools should come on a good price. Well, we have good news for you - Contempas costs $0 right now and it will be like that for a while.

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What is Contempas?

Contempas is a platform that help you store, prepare, schedule and publish your content to social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The main features are:

Let's say you are a podcaster. Here's how the platform makes your life easier.

Doing a podcast is a lot of hard work. Picking a topic, synching schedules between guests and then the actual recording. And even though this is the most important part, the episode is far from done. Let's say that we have our raw audio file. We also have prepared our lovely cover image, intro and outro MP3 files. The next step is to upload the files to Contempas's campaign.

uploading files

Then we create a couple of text items that will target different places. For example if we want to post the episode to Twitter we have to come up with shorter copy. While if this is going out as a Mailchimp campaign we may be more descriptive.

It's now time to prepare the actual MP3 file that our audience will listen. We want to add our intro.mp3 in the beginning of the recording and outro.mp3 at the end.

merge audio files

This happens by using the "Merge audio files" feature in the Editor section.

merge audio files

After the manipulation is done we can increase the volume of the produced MP3 file.

change volume

And at the end generate a video that we can upload to YouTube

audio to video

Here's an example of a podcast file generated by the platform - podcast video episode.

Once we prepare all of the content we are ready to schedule our post. The process involves picking the content items and deciding what goes where.

schedule and publish to social media

When your post is published Contempas starts collecting statistical data. It builds a nice report that shows you how your work engages with your audience.

social media reporting

If you like what you are seeing, consider registering or trying the demo version here.

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